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canadian 2 dollar bill value 1954
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standard catalog of world paper money, world paper money, initial issues: Hi Tal, Collector value of a note depends on date, series letter if any, and condition .

Best Answer: Here is what the Standard Catalog of World Paper money, 12th Edition, says about those: Catalog number is P-67. There are two different signature .

Tricia: Find selling price for a canadian one dollar bill with devils face 1954

Top questions and answers about Canadian 2 Dollar Bill. Find 1177 questions and answers about Canadian 2 Dollar Bill at Read more.

Related reading What Is A Canadian 1954 1 Dollar Bill Worth Today? It's worth about - in the collectors market but other wise, it's face value.

The Canadian dollar (sign: $ ; code: CAD) is the currency of Canada. As of 2007, the Canadian dollar is the 7th most traded currency in the world. It is abbreviated .

The Canadian five-dollar bill is currently the lowest denomination banknote issued by the Bank of Canada. The current five- Canadian dollar bill is dominantly blue in .

Would anyone know what the value of my 1954 thousand dollar bill is? How many were put into circulation. I know that the canadian government has been

I just found out i have one too, and I've heard they are worth , which I don't believe. Considering they are 55 years old they must be worth more!

"Pay for crowns so kingsiles can get money it is rediculous and again to. "

1954: Hi Kevin, Collector value of a note depends on date, series letter if any, and condition, including amount of wear, any folds, tears or stains as well as .

I have a 1954 Canadian 50 dollar bill (orange). Please tell me how much it 's worth other than face value? 2 years ago; Report Abuse

Best Answer: 1954 Canadian dollar bill: It can have any value it depends on the condition and if it has a devils face in her hair so it can be from to for a .

I have a 1954 canadian 2 dollar bill value 1954 canadian dollar serial number B/T4917656 and a 1954 red and black 2 dollar bill serial number t/g 4140811 and i was wondering how much i could get them for?

actually it depend on the condition and the serial number if you dont mind email me the serial number and i

canadian 2 dollar bill value 1954

can look it up i have

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